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5 Whys are a question-asking method used to explore the cause/effect relationships underlying a particular problem. Ultimately, the goal of applying the 5 why method is to determine the root cause of a problem. 5 why root cause analysis is the basis of PHRED’s problem solving system. PHRED increases the number of problem solvers in your plant by giving them a simple 5 why tool to analyze the everyday issues they come across. In many companies, the majority of problems are small and regularly reoccur; PHRED gives you a tool to address them immediately at their point of cause.

Problem Solving Process

The system takes you through a proven process to problem solve. It creates disciplines for the problem solver to follow to ensure true root cause is established, while fully exploring possible causes and attaching evidential proof as to why causes have been eliminated or accepted. The process is easy to use which increases the number of problem solvers in a company, while the coaching on each page offers guidance to less experienced personnel. You can attach video, diagrams and pictures to give pictorial understanding of the issues. Actions which are delegated to staff generate automatic emails with timely reminders of when answers are due.


PHRED includes a comprehensive database which holds all problems and issues within the organization. The database allows managers from any one of the global locations to have a virtual view of the current status, time spent on a problem and the lessons learned. This repository for all data saves valuable time, for instance if a problem is identified in one region, checking the library allows you to see if this has occurred somewhere else and view the CAPA process undertaken. The system eliminates repeat problems which makes more efficient use of time and does away with wastage which creates considerable cost savings for your business.


The system generates all the reports a business would need. The Administration feature on the software allows you to configure the tool to collect the specific information your organization requires. PHRED has many standard reports, individually defined user query reports, management summaries and charts. Export the information into Excel or PDF. Send only the information you want to share with your customers and suppliers.

Multiple Languages

Global corporations require the system in multiple language or dual language formats. This feature ensures that the problem solvers have a clear understanding in their native language of the questions being asked of them and gives more comprehensive answers to the management team.


Over 25 years, we’ve gained significant experience setting up many different configurations from the simple to the very complex across our diverse customer base. PHRED is off the shelf software that we configure with you to meet your specific requirements and mirror the processes and business language of your company. The system can operate on the cloud to avoid expensive IT involvement and as requirements change, the Administration feature allows you make changes to the system yourselves. We ensure it is implemented properly and working to meet your requirements. As a PHRED customer, we will work with you over the years to refine the design of your system as your business needs evolve.

Trial It

You can trial the system on a month by month basis until it is configured precisely to your needs prior to purchasing or leasing the software. Our clients use the trial period to justify the procurement of the software by measuring the efficiency of the process and the substantial savings made by eradicating repeat issues and waste.