PHRED specializes in:

Problem Solving Software - Stage by stage, PHRED guides users to identify issues and work problems through a standard problem solving process configured to reflect 5 Why, A3, 8D, or DMAIC. As issues are identified and worked on, they are captured in the searchable database which, over time, becomes the collective memory of the organization. You can view a screen by screen walk through of the system here.

Safety Observation Software - Safety Observation, Reporting and Tracking (SORT) provides you with a way of reducing incidents and accidents through analysis of data in the work environment. Identify, track, analyze, and plan corrective actions before life-threatening incidents occur.

Common Features Found in All Systems:

  • Simple and Easy to Use with the right mixture of compliance versus collaboration, so that it doesn’t get in the way of ‘real work’
  • Configurable to reflect your organization’s data, tracking, language, and structure, from the plants and supply chains to individual processes
  • Actions are assigned, emailed and tracked
  • Reporting capabilities are extensive including standard and user defined reports and charts
  • Database gathers and stores all information in an easily searchable format
  • Online Coaching & Technical Help are provided screen by screen as standard and can be configured to match your company needs
  • Web based; the application lives either behind your firewalls or is hosted by PHRED Solutions

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